So why are you so focused on your weight? There isn't just one reason but many. We have the attitude that you can be healthy at any size with a focus on nutritional goals that will help you get the energy level that you need. Our approach offers you a chance to pursue your health goals through a better relationship with food. Whether you are trying to manage a health issue such as diabetes or trying to improve your performance as an athlete, we can guide you. It's not good enough to know what you need to do for your nutritional needs. You then need the confidence of following through with the necessary habits for results.
This is a  program that can change your outlook toward your body. The program first starts with a session with Allison Aron, R.D. to identify the nutritional goals that will help you with increased energy, alertness, and calm. To insure that you get the results you need, the next phase would involve hypnosis with Mark Aron, Ph.D.
If you are interested in losing weight because of how you look and your concern about how others view you: let's then focus on helping you get a more compassionate view of your body. Others have sought our help for the exact opposite reasons because they are concerned about how they have lost weight and need to maintain their strength.  We need to start with what your goals are and how you see yourself.  

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